Graffiti Removal

Graffiti can come in various forms, ranging from etches to permanent marker stains. They ruin the professional image of a commercial structure and should be eliminated post-haste. Unfortunately, these marks are often stubborn and impervious to most DIY removal techniques.

Additionally, graffiti stains are usually a time-sensitive crisis since dried ink complicates removal efforts. As such, it is important to call in a pressure washing specialist for the job - who can help eliminate those pesky stains in the safest and most effective manner.

Professional graffiti removal experts have the technical know-how to ensure that the lower layers of your wall (brick, cement, etc) are kept protected during the cleaning process. Specialists will ensure that the shape and form of your structure's walls are retained. Also, unlike the hits-and-misses of using DIY cleaning methods, specialized graffiti removal experts remove all traces of staining. This avoids residual blotches and uneven attempts at restoration, which may appear far worse than the original vandalism!

Why Choose Taylor's Pressure Wash

Taylor’s Pressure Wash is Oklahoma’s leading name in professional pressure washing services. Our specialized team is well-trained, insured, and bonded to provide the most effective graffiti removal services for your building’s needs. Each specialist is equipped with the most advanced pressure washing technology and methods to get the job done in no time. Our inventory of pressure washing equipment is fitted with quality nozzles, which enable high-speed washing without damaging the surface of your buildings.

Our washing experts are thoroughly experienced with all types of materials, which enables them to determine and apply the most suitable cleaning formula according to the specifications of your walls. Each member of the Taylor Pressure Wash team is trained according to the latest safety guidelines, and we only use non-toxic products toward achieving effective and eco-sustainable results.