Taylor’s Fleet Washing

Businesses that operate fleets of vehicles know how important it is to have them all properly maintained and looking great. That is why you should not forget to keep them as clean as possible this summer.
The benefits of regular washing
Professional pressure washing companies have the right equipment and knowledge to give a fleet a deep and thorough cleaning that cannot be achieved with a normal wash. Technicians are trained to reach all parts of the vehicle and check for stains that may require additional washing.
When a fleet looks like new, this helps your company maintain a professional image. Most vehicles used for commercial purposes will have the company’s logo and contact information, which should be clearly visible and not obscured by dirt. When all of these vehicles are as clean as possible, this can help bring in and retain business, as customers are more likely to trust a business with spotless vehicles than ones that look filthy or neglected. Even your own employees will feel better and work harder when they are driving vehicles that look great.
Ways your fleet picks up dirt
The Midwest is known for having lots of dust and dirt floating around during the warm months. Unfortunately, much of this debris can end up stuck on your vehicle and it does not come off easily. For companies that travel long distances, this can be especially problematic, as the more miles your fleet drives each day, the dirtier the vehicles will get.
Even areas you make not notice such as near the tires and rims will pick up oil, mud, and other substances on long drives. Sometimes, prolonged exposure to certain materials will cause discoloration and damage to paint or commercial graphics and logos on the vehicle as well. This is why fleet washing can even help you save money, as paint jobs or applying new decals will cost much more and take the vehicle out of service.
Schedule a cleaning for your fleet today
If you have a fleet of vehicles that could benefit from professional washing, Taylor’s Pressure Washing is available to help keep your fleet looking its best. Taylor’s serves the Oklahoma City area and provides free estimates.